What is Advanced Urbanism ?

With a good experiences in big urban projects area we can develop successful implementations in cities. Our project management service includes integration with socio-ecomomic analyses, stake holder management, land owner management, design support, legal framework studies, zoning and planinning services and investmen pre-feasibilities.

Project Management

We are managing big scaled urban projects like orchestra chiefs by integrating parts/roles efficiently among them. An urban project management team need to know stakeholder management, participation, legal framework, technical framework, negotiation with the local people etc. Our function is to manage all this processes without any interruption and with an efficient methodology.

Stakeholder Management

Every urban project needs a good stakeholder management function with an expectation analyse. By this analyse it's possible to get understanding of the stakeholders perceptual levels. Definining a detailed expectation value maps shows us possibilities of vision of the urban projects.

Due Dilligence

Establishing a probability model on a Due Diligence service shows urban project's risks and potentials. It is very important function to understand the urban project's legal, technical, enviromental, economical and political negative and positive possibilities.

Market Research

Developing an urban project needs to examine it's relations with the market. With a best use analyse and market research function it's better to position urban project in a well directed market position, wich enables better financial actions.

Intagrated Project Management

By combining different services of the urban projects like urban planning, transportation, design, geology, water and energy management, smart city applications, legal services at the beginning of the project; it is possible to get an good urban zoning codes for better implamentations. Al these functions are working together at whole urban planinning process for better zoning codes.


It's important to understand the nature of the investment while developing an urban project. With a good pre-feasiblity it's easy to check investibility of an urban project idea for supporting project's financial management teams.

Organisation Modelling

Every urban projects needs a good defined organizational model for the development, implementation and sustainability of the project. In some projects it's essencial to define right organisational model to reach a succesful results.

Financial Research

A well proposed urban project has a much more chance to find a good investor. Our experiences showed us it's possible to find financial support for projects in Turkey and International area with good definiton of financial structure.

Construction Firms

In the 23 years of ilke planlama's lifetime, we interacted with the biggest construction firms of Turkey. It's possbile for us to communicate and invite them to a well prepared urban project in any part of the country.

Our Team

Meet with the our visioner and dynamic team.
Özcan Biçer

Özcan Biçer

Urban And Regional Planner, Ms.Sci.

Urban Resillience
Urban Regeneration

Anıl Anuk

Anıl Anuk


Project Management
Stakeholder Relations Manager

Onur Tutu

Negotiation Manager

Landowner Relations Management
Land Development

Zeynep Şen

Urban And Regional Planner

Strategic Spatial Plans
Urban Plans

Büşra Çakır

Büşra Çakır

Urban And Regional Planner

Urban Renewation
Cultural Heritage Conservation Plans

Gamze Yaşar

Gamze Yaşar

Urban And Regional Planner

Smart Cities
Geographical Information Systems

Leyla Acar

Leyla Acar

Urban And Regional Planner

Local Development
Social Impact Analyse

Merve Biçer

Merve Biçer

Urban And Regional Planner

Urban Design
Urban Standarts


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